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Father of two boys.

Minimalist hair style.


UX Designer.

Paul Rand - A Designer's Eye (WMS & Co) - πŸ‘ 🐝M/Photo from my personal Archive

Paul Rand - A Designer's Eye (WMS & Co) - πŸ‘ 🐝M/Photo from my personal Archive


Flavio Lamenza

I am currently working as a Senior User Experience Designer for Vodafone. 

Previously I worked for the telecom iD Mobile (part of the Dixons Carphone group) collaborating with the UX/UI and online team, and also creating business innovative concepts for the e-commerce platform

From June to November (2017), I was the User Experience Designer for Pocket High Street, developing an control panel to help local shopkeepers to grow and be more competitive. 

During 2016, I was the Social Media Manager of XTreme Video, positioning the company ahead of major Facebook pages such as Monster, GoPro, Olympic Channel, and BBC Sport. 

Working as a Digital Strategist from 2003 to 2013 I developed compelling content for brands such as American Airlines, MTV, HSBC, and NestlΓ©. Here I’ve completed 10,000 hours curating content, in 10 years of passionate work.

The relentless work with digital and content gave me a database of experiences that I can draw upon to have more enlightened ideas to create happy and delightful experiences for the user.