UX Designer + Optimist + Father of two boys + Creative

What I Can Do For You

What I can do for you.


1. I create moments of surprise, happiness and delight throughout journeys I design.

2. I carefully prepare user journeys, sitemaps, navigation flows and validate ideas through testing.

3. I can and will analyse data. I can do it restlessly. I use data to support my design decisions. Most importantly I love to understand, to see the behaviour of the user and identify pain points that will lead to drop off.

4. I will make prototypes out of cardboard and paper.

5. I will use Sketch, Photoshop, Excel, Powerpoint, Keynote and Invision with high degree of skill.  

6. I will analyse your problem deeply, ask you "Why?" many times and start sketching the idea/hypothesis on paper.

7. I will collaborate with an infinite arsenal of ideas and will have no hard feelings if my ideas are not the chosen ones. I can go full power and wild on brainstorming sessions, or play moderate (It will depend on the situation and the requirements of the meeting👌).

8. I understand that every business operates under many constraints. In case of need I can ignore those constraints, otherwise they are to be recognised, dealt with and kept in mind when designing.

9. I will act as an amplifier of ideas. I can generate many variations of the same idea or foster many new ones, as needed. Always keeping in mind the two most challenging constraints of all: time and money. 

10. I can take beautiful photos to improve, for example, the understanding of the research phase.


11. I can and will make connections within areas of my database of experiences. This is an innate rich database which I built after relentless reading and studying different topics about creativity, beautiful stories, geniuses of our history, innovation and interesting things.  

The list above encompasses who I am and what I love to do. If one day I shall work for you at any opportune moment, expect this and more.

If you are interested in knowing more about one or more points, let's talk.